制服巨乳 10


Hamburger, French Fries, And The Breast Kortney has been receiving a lot of complaints about the way her breasts are gorgeously standing out of her tight uniform. Johnny, to save the business, sees no other option than to sit down with Kortney and give her the talk. Boston Cream To spice up his day, Johnny and his foxy co-worker sabotage the store best selling product, the Boston cream donuts. Needless to say, the shit hits the fan when Johnny's cop girlfriend, Audrey Bitoni, comes in and takes a creamy bite of one. Cumly Cleaners Ava and Isis are both mistakenly sent to the same house to clean. The maids compete against each other for attention. Of course in the end, they learn they didn't have to as Voodoo is a 3-way kind of guy. Postman Kat A delectable piece of lips, legs, tits and ass by the name of Katsuni arrives on the scenes delivering a package. When she's offered $1,000 for an hour of her time and holes, it's good news for the gang as the shoot is back on! Tatas Under Siege A lovely lass by the name of Yurizan Beltan is on board and uses her feminine prowess to distract Marco from his mission of madness. Will she succeed? Or will she requite some additional help to get the job done?

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